(For a lot of cis people, yes. It seems to be.)

I’m an unqualified woman who lives on glimmers of hope.

This was an older Eva Gore-Booth

This was an older Eva Gore-Booth. (Above: younger Eva at right with sister Constance.)

There are many things I love. There are many things I hope to learn how to do. One day I hope to teach, create, and share new knowledge. If things work out well, I hope to learn to be a bon vivant. I’ve had a real fondness crush for Eva Gore-Booth for the last little while. She amazes me, because she was speaking on feminism a century ago. She was totally rad. No, really. She was a socially radical feminist, much as Emma Goldman was.

I hope to be as radical as Eva was (and as radical as Emma, too).

Feminism and my intersectional life experiences
Womanhood and personhood
What being trans means to me
Do you want to forcibly disclose me?
Why I write

tl;dr: A feminist writes about her feels on being a trans woman in the small Canadian town of Toronto. She’s got lots of feels.